Rental Conditions

  • Reservation

    As soon as you indicate that you wish to make a reservation, the lease will be created (taking an option is not included) and you agree to these rental conditions. When you book, your booking is fixed. You will receive a lease from us, which you must return signed.

  • Payment

    An advance of 20% on the rental price is requested, payable within 10 days. The balance of the total rent must be paid 2 months before arrival date.

  • Guarantee

    The rental deposit is 150 € (Puerto) and 200 € (Ancora). The deposit will be refunded within 3 weeks after your departure.
    If the rental period is longer than 1 month, the deposit will be increased in proportion to the rental period.
    Electricity costs are deducted from the deposit as well as any damage costs. The meter readings are recorded on arrival and departure.

  • Prices

    You can find the rental prices on our website. These are adjusted according to the time and duration of the rental period.
    Included in the rental price:
    satellite TV, WiFi, water and gas as well as the use of bed linen and towels. Beds are made upon arrival. There are 2 pairs of sheets per bed.
    Not included in the rental price:
    final cleaning and electricity costs.

  • Maximum stay

    The maximum rental period is 3 months.
    Arrival and departure are possible every day.

  • Cancellation

    In case of cancellation, the lease is unilaterally canceled.
    The advance is not refunded.
    For rental periods up to 1 month:
    Cancellation costs = 50% of the rent, if canceled less than 1 month before arrival.
    If canceled less than 2 weeks before arrival, 100% of the rent will be charged.
    For rental periods more than 1 month:
    The cancellation fee = 50% of the rent if canceled less than 2 months before arrival.
    If canceled less than 1 month before arrival, 100% of the rent will be charged.
    If you leave earlier than the agreed departure date, no refund will be made.

  • Damage to the apartment and inventory

    An inventory list is available in each apartment. In the event of loss, theft, breakage or damage to the goods, the repair or new costs will be deducted from your deposit, as well as any additional cleaning if the property has been left in an unreasonable condition. If the amount exceeds the deposit, the total costs will be charged.
    In the event of damage, the tenant must immediately inform the manager. If you find defects that are not caused by you, but are caused by wear or normal use, we kindly request you to report this immediately, so that we can replace or solve it soon.

  • Loss of keys and other accessories

    In case of loss of keys, remote controls and other accessories of the apartment, we will pass on the cost of replacing these items to you. The costs will be deducted from the deposit.

  • Use of water

    Although the use of water is inclusive to normal consumption, we would like to ask you to be sparing with its use.

  • Air conditioning

    We urge you to use the air conditioner only if necessary; so not in the bedrooms during the day, when the windows are open or when you are not at home. Unnecessary use of air conditioning is the main cause of high power consumption.
    Some tips to keep the energy consumption of the air conditioning in check:
    1. Provide as little incident sun as possible. Shield the area to be cooled from the sun by closing curtains or lowering the awning.
    2. Use cool outside air. When possible, cool the room with fresh outside air. For example at night or early in the morning.
    3. Switch on the air conditioner in time! If you turn on the air conditioner when it gets too hot in the room, you are actually too late. The air conditioning does not have to work as hard and you save energy if you have it on before the heat has entered the room.

  • Not allowed

    It is forbidden to smoke in the apartments.

  • Baby cot

    We will prepare a baby cot for you upon request upon booking. This service is free.

  • Occupation

    The maximum occupancy of each apartment is stated in the description. One child between the ages of 0 and 4 is admitted as an extra.
    The maximum occupancy must be strictly respected. This also applies when you receive visitors.

If the rental conditions are not complied with, the rental guarantee will not be refunded.